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Reach your audience the right way --
Through their ears 👏
Expand your stage with secure digital events and live audio fan interactions.
Demo Experience
Tired of typing?
Try talking it out.

Spatial Sound.

Collaborate live with others on private audio channels instead of chat windows.
Hear your fans cheer at key moments, bring someone into your personal channel to talk.
Your fans will make new friends, not pen pals, with those nearby in our virtual space.
Spatial Sound
Be everywhere at once.
License your stream to mutiple venues simultaneously and build an audience without boundaries.
Be Everywhere

Low-latency video, studio quality audio

Broadcast your events in low-latency, full HD, giving your fans the best quality across devices.
Our serverless infrastructure is ready to deliver without worrying about the size of your event.
Epic Moments
Find, know, and grow your audience.
Grow Audience

Amphi gives you city-level viewer data for event tour planning and audience discovery, helping you learn more about your fans and building strong global communities.

Launch a live event and sell tickets in minutes.
Everything you need to organize, promote, and earn from unique digital experiences.

Create custom event pages.

Customize your visuals, artist and promoter content in your dashboard to quickly deliver a beautiful, professional event checkout page.

Ticketing, licensing, and royalties, solved.

Our no-login checkout maximizes your ticket revenue and secure stream access prevents touting.
Split payouts to team members instantly after shows and automatically payout performance royalties.

Engage fans directly.

SMS audiences by geography for event notifications, promos, or whatever you like.
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